Ancient History

As fall begins, so does our new history cycle. This year, we're kicking off the year with a study in Ancient History. Week One will be a study in creation and our first recordings of history and culture.

As you know, this can be a controversial topic, with both evolutionists and creationists clamping their hands over their ears and treating science like a religion. While I most definitely believe that Genesis provides an accurate account of the beginning of mankind, I want you to examine the evidence and determine your own views. You may be surprised to learn that some well known Christians had a hard time believing the Genesis account.

Recently, I ran across a fascinating article written by a well-respected chemist who asserts that there is no scientist alive who can explain macroevolution. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. The linked article also links to the chemists own website where he shares some other intriguing thoughts. If you have time, check it out as well.

Regardless of where you stand, it is important to use logic and to approach the topic with an open mind and not fanaticism. This article regarding two different approaches from two museums describes it well. 

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